The natural world contains so much beauty. Because of the pace of our lives, and so many things competing for our attention, it often slips by, unnoticed.


Photography allows us to "suspend" space and time, "freeze" it for later enjoyment. 


Seeing that beauty, gazing upon it, meditating on it, is therapeutic and healing. The enjoyment of beauty is a universal human trait.


Follow my Peace of Light blog. I'll describe some of my photo experiences on past and future images. 


These images are available in many sizes with various matting and framing options.


Currently ordering/shipping is only turned on for the US and Canada. However I hope to offer to the UK and EU shortly. 


If you require any assistance with ordering, have questions, or special requests, please reach out to me using the Contact Information link on the main page or email me at [email protected]. I'll be happy to assist you personally.


Wishing you the "Peace of Light".